Foodie Faves: Maison Kayser in NYC

New York City is one of my favorite cities. My first visit was during my honeymoon in 2014. It was a culinary experience like no other, that’s why my husband and I decided to go back this past December. We visited for two weeks, and had the best time trying out new restaurants and places we weren’t able to last time.

There was one place we visited last time that we had to check out again: Maison Kayser. Authentic French ‘Boulangerie’ with several locations around the world. New York has a few of them. Our favorite has to be one of the Upper East Side locations: 685 3rd Avenue (at 44th St). When you go in, you’ll see the decadent pastries tempting you to try a bite.

We’ve tried the Pistachio Eclair and the Chocolate Tart. Both were incredibly delicious.

The pastries are wonderful, but the main player at Maison Kayser is the breakfast. You know when you eat something so good that you want to keep eating the same thing over and over? That’s how I feel when I eat at this glorious place. My favorite breakfast dish is Jambon Fumé & Deux Oeufs Au Choix (Smoked ham & two organic eggs scrambled, sunny side-up or soft boiled, toast). The french-style scrambled eggs are very creamy and delicious. You don’t need to add salt and pepper, it’s that good.

It’s a perfect breakfast: whole wheat toast, scrambled eggs and high quality ham. I’ve been looking at recipes online so I can recreate the french-style scrambled eggs at home. I’ve never had eggs like that over here, so I’m definitely craving it.

Question time:

What’s your favorite breakfast dish? Do you have a favorite place to go to for breakfast?

  1. This looks amazing. My favorite breakfast at NYC is at The Smith in Midtown. Have you searched for Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs recipe on YT? I think it may be very similar to this. It’s our go-to, I very rarely have creme fresh so I sub with Kerrygold butter. Hope you try it and like it.

    1. I haven’t! Will definitely look that up so I can recreate it at home. Thank you! Will add The Smith to our list if we visit NYC again (ideally, we would like to visit NYC every 3-4 years).

  2. Maison Kayser is so good… they just opened a location in D.C. which shows they definitely have a growing fanbase! The Chocolate Tart had to be in my top 5 favorite things we ate during the trip. Whoever is reading this… get on a plane and eat a magical tart in NYC!!!

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