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Going to Seattle, WA

I live with a serious case of wanderlust. I would love to travel the world and learn about every culture out there. I know it’s hard to do that, but it’s my wish to travel as much as I can during my lifetime. My husband and I have set a goal of traveling at least once a year. We had talked about going to Seattle, WA for some time. I haven’t visited, but Juan has.

We enjoy video games a lot, so we’ve been wanting to go to the PAX conference for a few years. PAX is one of the biggest gaming culture conferences out there. Covering everything from video games to tabletops. They have a few conferences throughout the year, but we’ve had our eyes on PAX West. Which is done in Seattle, WA every year. Usually during labor day weekend (early September). We finally decided, bought the airplane tickets and rented an Airbnb. Two of our best friends are joining us so I’m even more excited about that. Have never traveled with friends, so that’s something to look forward to. The tickets for PAX West are still not available. Registration will be open in mid-May, so we need to be alert and get those tickets as soon as they’re available. I’ve read they run out fast.

There are many places I want to visit while we’re at Seattle, so I hope we manage our time well so we get to see as much as we can. One huge plus about that city, they seem to be big coffee lovers, which is a win in my book. We already wrote down places to go to like: Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Gas Works Park and the Fremont Troll. Any recommendations of landmarks and restaurants?

Question Time:

Have you ever been to Seattle? If so, what were some of your favorite places?

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