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GowallaLately, the trend for social network users is to use geo-location services. FourSquare, Brightkite, Loopt are a few of these services. The one I want to talk about is Gowalla. Gowalla is a service that began being developed in 2008 and was later released for the iPhone.

Seeing as new phones were being released with different operating systems: like Android and WebOS (Palm), they released a mobile site for Android users with plans of releasing a native mobile application for the new phones’ operating systems. In early 2010, a Gowalla mobile application was launched for both Android and WebOS, definitely increasing their members. Blackberry users can access the mobile website for now, but they will release a native application for it soon. As an Android user, I was very happy when they released the beta application (I was using the mobile website before) and now that it’s a stable build I like it even more.

I consider this service to be my favorite amongst competitors, it’s visually pleasing and it’s fun how you earn stamps with each new place you visit. There are also random items you can get when doing a check-in, and how you can drop and pick-up items in a specific place. There are more features that are pretty cool, if you want to learn more about Gowalla then check out their site.

These geo-location services have definitely made social networking more interesting (when used correctly and safely, of course) and I’m sure the statistics will show that these services will continue to grow and be more active.

Do you use a geo-location service on your phone? Which one is your favorite and why?

  1. I think it’s a great way to motivate people to go out and discover new places. Since I myself do not have internet on my own phone, I don’t use it often, but when I steal my brother’s or whatever I try to check in. The internet is certainly making us more and more connected each day.
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  2. I used to “use” GoWalla a lot. However, I think it is very dangerous for the continuous information that with it you can divulge. Patterns, places that you may frequently visit, and in ocassions, notifying when you are not in your home, or worse, giving the GPS coordinates of your home.

    Great informative post… :)

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