What would you like to learn? What would you like to learn?

Help me make content for YOU! What do you want to learn?

After months of planning, I will be developing video series (accompanied by written content) about technology and programming. As you’ve seen on my blog, I’ve written a few development tutorials under the Programming category.

They can be beneficial for those that are starting out with development, or those that just would like to learn how to add something to their website. Well, my intention is to take that idea to the next level. Have a visual representation in the form of a video, along with written content explaining the process.

I need you!

This is where YOU come in. I want to create content that’s relevant to you, things that you would like to learn.

It can be things about development, such as WordPress, PHP, jQuery, CSS, and others. It can also be about blogging and tech, for example: How to set up Gmail on a custom domain, the difference between self-hosted WordPress and WordPress.com, and more.

I currently have some topics in the works, but it would be fantastic if I can get your input and know what would you like to see or learn about.

Let me know in the comments below! Thank you :)

  1. Good idea to post this so you have a direct reference as to what people would like. These are some random topics I’m interested in learning more about:

    1. Hashtags on social media: How people use them and strategies
    2. SEO friendly blog posts
    3. Free resources for youtubers (music, images, videos)
    4. Advanced Tools for content creators (like Epoxy and Buffer) – A list breakdown
    5. How does a website help gain exposure for content creators?
    6. Setting up an e-shop on a personal/professional site through something like Spreadshirt.

  2. I think one of the things that I would like to know are best practices or the current standard of HTML, CSS, and PHP. I have been self taught in web development and one of the reasons why I fell out of it so quickly is that it is constantly changing and evolving. I think that’s probably one of the downsides of what is actually a positive thing about technology.

    But something more concrete I guess would be the process of coming up with an idea, planning something from that idea, and then actually coming up with a finished product!

  3. I would love to know more about increasing blog traffic. I know blogs now reach audiences differently than they did 5+ years ago. I’ve read that FB and YT are the biggest platforms right now for gaining readers/followers; but I also don’t know how to make the best use of these. :)

    1. That’s an excellent topic of discussion. Social media platforms have been growing exponentially and each one is so different in terms of how to get traffic. Will definitely cover that in the future. Thanks for the suggestion hun!

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