History was made

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If you follow the 2016 Olympics, you’ll probably know that Monica Puig won the Female Tennis Singles Gold Medal on Saturday. This is the first gold medal won for Puerto Rico. It was a nerve-wracking game. Both Monica and Angelique Kerber were amazing and gave their all for their countries.

Everybody was celebrating the big win on Saturday. With so many issues going on in Puerto Rico, this was a very important moment for us as a country. It provided us with a sense of temporary happiness and made us forget all our troubles, even if just for a second.

Monica Puig

It was incredible to not hear or read about any negative news or events that day, just this. I hope this win reassures our government that sports are important. After the game, I drove to my parents’ house, and while driving, we saw two girls playing tennis on the street. They were inspired by Monica, and I’m sure a lot of children were inspired by this big win and will want to pursue sports.

Thank you Monica Puig, for providing us inspiration, happiness and most importantly, uniting our nation, just like you said. History was made.

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