New York Aerial View

Honeymoon: New York

As Juan and I have been planning our wedding, we’ve had several destinations as options for our honeymoon. We considered several places, including Spain which was our main choice for a while. We begun looking at ticket fares, hotel options, etc. and found that anything outside of the United States would be too expensive for us. Tickets for Spain were $1,200 per person. We’re usually very frugal when it comes to money so even though it’s our honeymoon we couldn’t justify such an exorbitant expense.

New York Aerial View

One of our other options was New York. Like I’ve said in many posts here, since I was little, I’ve always dreamed of visiting New York. We looked at prices and they’re pretty decent so we already made contact with a travel agent so we can get a good deal on everything (ticket fares, hotel, etc). I am definitely excited to visit NY for my honeymoon. We always say, as long as there’s good food and places to see, I know we’ll have a blast.

We already plan on purchasing the NY City Pass, which will give us an amazing deal on several must-see places (especially the museums). We’ll probably spend 12-13 days in New York so I want to make the best of it. We also want to take advantage of their public transportation system to get around.

I am super excited for this trip! A honeymoon in New York sounds so perfect to me. I need to start purchasing winter clothing, I’ve never experienced real cold before so I need to be prepared.

If anyone has been to New York and has any suggestions, restaurant/place recommendations, etc.. Please let me know! I would greatly appreciate any help.

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4 thoughts on “Honeymoon: New York”

  1. That sounds like it will be a really magical place to go. Even though it isn’t Spain it is still somewhere you have wanted to visit and I do hope it will be a really special time. :D

  2. Oh gosh, I’ve been wanting to go to NYC for my entire life! It sounds like an absolutely wonderful honeymoon location as there’s so many beautiful and romantic places to go and see in the city — at least from what I heard!

    Maybe you guys can save Spain for, I don’t know, your fifth anniversary or something? ;-)

    1. I know! NYC has always seemed like a great place to visit. I’ve been wanting to go since I was little so I’m way too excited for this trip.

      That’s an amazing idea to go to Spain for our fifth anniversary. We can save up slowly and have enough money to go.

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