Wedding: Juan and Nicole

I’m Married!

Wedding: Juan and Nicole

With all the craziness of wedding planning, family visiting and the wedding, I took a much needed break from all things internet related. Now that I’m getting settled at the new apartment, I can finally sit down and write a post.

I got back from the honeymoon this past Sunday and have been moving the rest of our stuff to the apartment. It’s looking decent now so I’m very happy.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and it’s a night I will never forget. I had the time of my life and I’m really glad that everyone enjoyed themselves. We had fun and danced all night long. The picture above was taken by one of our best friends and it’s one of my favorites that people have tagged us in. Still waiting to get the pictures from the photographer so as soon as I have the official ones I will post them.

We went to New York City for our honeymoon and it was exquisite. I will be writing quite a few posts about the wedding and the honeymoon, but I wanted to check in with all of you lovely people that read my space.

Be on the lookout for more posts and a bunch of pictures of wonderful food and great places in New York.

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