Jumping Joe & Friends Jumping Joe & Friends

Jumping Joe & Friends: Doodle Jump inspired game

Do you remember when mobile game Doodle Jump was all the rage? This game was very popular for a long time. As of 2011, it achieved over 15 million downloads on Google Play and iTunes.

Jumping Joe & Friends is a game that’s definitely inspired by Doodle Jump and can be played up to 4 people. There are many cute characters to choose from, and consists of jumping on platforms until time runs out and you’re the one with more distance going up.

Games like these are fun but really confuse me after a while. I found myself messing up constantly and falling, but that also makes for a funny experience. This is another game that we got during a Nintendo eShop sale for less than $1.

Juan and I go head to head in the game, check out our gameplay video below:

[yt id=”kdwgH-xXlDM”]

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