June = No Life

I had never taken a summer course before, and I must say it is very overwhelming. I’m taking Pre-Calculus and it is hectic and you have to practice every single day if you want to do well. A day (3 hours) during a summer course is the same as a week during a semester. I’ve failed the class a couple of times because I hate math and I gave up way too early during the semester so I always dropped the class. I feel more prepared this time, I practice everyday and it’s been going well. I have my first test this Monday and I really hope I do well.

This month I won’t be able to do much because all I do is study, I need to do well. That said, I can’t wait for July!

  1. Summer classes are generally so different than when you take the full fledged course..and sometimes in a good way! i know when i took records management( a office course) in the summer i got lucky..same for a history class one time. she gave us 3 projects and sent us on our way. we didn’t have to go in if we didn’t want to, but she was there if we needed her!

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