Killing Time at School

I have class every Tuesday and Thursday this semester. I like my schedule, the only thing that bothers me sometimes is that I have 3 hours of free time between two classes. Since I do my homework at home, I have nothing to do during those three hours. I stay at the university and bring my own lunch because I can’t afford to go out to eat everytime or go home, since it’s a 30-40 minute drive to get there and gas is expensive. I usually eat my lunch and browse around on my Macbook Pro. I kill time by playing free games online or watch movies/tv shows on Netflix.

It’s an awesome way to kill time, and distracts me. I don’t like looking at the clock and knowing how much time there’s left for the next class, that drives me crazy. I need to try and get a better class schedule next semester. I can’t really control it though, it depends on the class and professor’s availability.

What do you do to kill time?

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