Little Guy Little Guy

Little Guy

On Saturday morning, when I was on my way to my boyfriend’s house, he calls me and tells me that he just found a french bulldog at his front porch. He had no idea where he came from or how he even got in. When I got there, I was surprised to see how well behaved he was. I figured he probably escaped his home since he had a collar but no tag, but we had no idea where to find the owner.

We stayed with the dog, gave him food or water while we posted his picture on social networks and went to the nearest supermarket to say we had a lost dog in case the owner would be looking. Hours and hours passed and still no word on a possible owner. I did notice some crystallization on the dog’s eyes which made me wonder if he was sick or had some kind of infection. We had no money to take him to a vet to find out so we kept waiting to see if we heard anything from an owner.

We came to a point where we had to decide what to do since my boyfriend has to go on a business trip on Monday (he travels constantly) and doesn’t have the resources to take care of the little guy. We figured to take him to my house and take care of him while we found the owner, and if not, find someone who could adopt him. I had no knowledge of what frenchies ate or anything. I did know that they are delicate dogs and need special food and things like that, which worried me because I couldn’t give him the food I used for my other dogs and I had no money to get it. We did give him a bath, water and a little dog food just so he wouldn’t be hungry.

Little Guy

We got in contact with one of my boyfriend’s friends who already has a french bulldog and he was definitely interested in taking care of him. He was able to come to my house pretty quickly and pick the little guy up. He did notice that the dog couldn’t see very well, which confirmed my suspicions. This really breaks my heart because the first thing I thought is that maybe the owners left him on the street because he was going blind. It was a very unwelcome thought in my head but definitely possible. It made my heart ache in the worst possible way. He took the dog and will take care of him until we find if there’s actually an owner looking for the little guy, if not, he’ll stay with him.

At least I’m happy that he’s somewhere safe and will be taken care of. He honestly was the most well behaved dog I had ever seen and he loved to be snuggled and laying down next to us. I will miss the little guy, but I’m glad he’s with someone who has the resources to take care of him.

  1. Aww what a cute little guy. I am so glad you manged to find someone to look after him and what a selfless thing you did. I would have done the sames and would have wanted to keep him if i could.

    It is such a shame that owners these days just things animals are disposable when they get ill or get fed up looking after them, and many don’t get a happy ending like this guy :(

  2. He’s adorable! I want a Frenchie sooo bad.

    Hopefully you guys will find the owner and it’s not a case of ‘ditch and run.’ I’ve seen that waaay too many times where I grew up. It’s actually how my mom’s boyfriend got his first dog. People drive the dogs out into the middle of nowhere (its a very rural area) and just drop them off and drive away. I can’t imagine ever doing that to a pet, sick or not.

    Luckily your friend was able to take him in! He probably couldn’t have picked a better porch to show up on!

    1. We still haven’t found the owner, which makes me sad to think this is probably a case of ditch and run. I’m just glad someone is taking care of the little guy, that poor thing :(

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