Minecraft Fever

I purchased Minecraft back in May when a friend recommended the game. He also had a multiplayer server so my boyfriend and I decided to buy it and see what the buzz was all about. I admit, when I heard about the game back when it was in its Alpha stage, I thought it was not aesthetically pleasing. When I started playing and figuring things out, I understood why people like it so much.

You can play God with these types of games, and that’s why people enjoy playing them. You have complete control of what you do and build. You can create just about anything in Minecraft, and if you browse around, you’ll find a lot of beautiful creations made by very creative people. I find myself constantly visit the Minecraft Community Forums so I can check out people’s screenshots of their works in progress, buildings, techniques, etc. I have only been playing for five months, and I still have a lot to learn. I finally figured out how to make a secret door using Redstone wiring, which needs to be logical for it to work. It’s very fun. Something I love about the new Beta version is that we can play Survival or Creative mode. With creative you have unlimited resources and it’s useful when you want to build something in a short time or something that could take you weeks with the Survival mode could only take you days with Creative.

Since my friend who owns the server I play can’t pay for the server anymore, I decided to rent a server myself. I really like all the people I play with there and I didn’t want the stuff we built to go to waste and the whole experience so we backed up the world and transferred it to my server.

This game is really addicting and I love thinking about what to build next. I made a Minecraft blog so my friends and I can post things we’re working on, but I’m still working on it so I’ll link it soon, just in case you want to check it out. I’ll post some screenshots here from time to time though.

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