My Favorite Things: July 2019 My Favorite Things: July 2019

My Favorite Things: July edition

In this post I’ll be sharing some of my favorite things about last month. Anything from books, movies, shows, games, and other things I’ve been enjoying.


Vampire Kingdom series

During the month of July, I got a new Kindle Fire and gave my old one to Juan so he can use it for his podcast. I realized I was behind in my 2019 Reading Challenge so I wanted to take advantage of my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

While browsing through Young Adult and Fantasy titles, I found the Vampire Kingdom series. I’ve always enjoyed stories about vampires so I decided to give it a try. Once I started reading The Trade, the reading bug bit me and I couldn’t stop. I spent about three days glued to my Kindle after work reading the first two books of the series (The Trade and The Pact ).

Here’s the synopsis for The Trade, so you get an idea of what the series is about:

One life. One love. One chance…to finally get it right.
After the devastating loss of her mother and sister, high-school senior Victoria Edwards is worried she’s going crazy. First, she sees a handsome boy floating outside of her room. Then she receives a mysterious letter asking her to go to a nearby pond at midnight. I’ll be waiting for you on the other side, the side you can’t see from here, it reads. Intrigued, Tori investigates—but suddenly finds herself in a different time and place. It’s the year 3130, and she’s smack-dab in the middle of the Kingdom.

The Vampire Kingdom. 

She sees him in the kingdom, the same boy from outside her window, and learns he’s a prince. Most likely a vampire prince. Against her will, Tori’s entered in The Trade, in which pretty young maidens are offered as sacrifices to the royals in exchange for crops. In a first for the competition, Prince Dominic proposes to the candidate of his choice—who happens to be a very reluctant Tori. Once she enters the royal compound, she learns that the kingdom is even more treacherous than she could have ever imagined. The prince and his family are dangerous, but Dominic holds the key to secrets about Tori’s past…and more importantly, her future.
If she lives long enough to have one.

The books were a pleasant and fast read. Looking forward to the third book (The Claim) which comes out on August 16.

Inception by Bianca Scardoni


After finishing The Trade and The Pact, I wanted to keep reading. Kindle Unlimited recommended Inception which is about vampires and descendants of angels. I read this in one day and proceeded to read the second book from the series. There are some things about the story and characters that bug me a little bit, but still feel interested enough to keep reading the rest of the books from the series.


Trine 3

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power

The Trine games are wonderful platformer and puzzle games. I played the first two games with friends and had a blast. I had started playing Trine 3 months ago but hadn’t been able to finish it. I added it to my Summer Backlog Challenge list so it would give me more of a push to finish it. The game graphics were so colorful and pretty. I found myself taking a bunch of screenshots so I can hopefully use them as wallpapers. The game doesn’t take that long to complete and it’s fun. I played it by myself but would have loved to play this one with friends as well.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

I love building games, it gives me a chance to unleash my creativity. I had been looking forward to playing Dragon Quest Builders 2 ever since they announced it. I really enjoyed the first one and when they revealed that this one had co-op, I was even more excited. I have been playing it a lot and have already unlocked the co-op feature. I want to try it with Juan so we can build together. Would love to create a city or something ambitious.

Question Time:

What were some of your favorite things last month? It can be anything from TV Shows, Movies, Books, Games, Apps, anything really.

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