My Favorite Things: June edition

In this post I’ll be sharing some of my favorite things about last month. I used to do these types of posts a few years ago and miss them so the plan is to bring them back every month and showcase the TV shows, movies, books, games and other things I’m enjoying.



A few of my friends had recommended that I watch Lucifer. I had this series on my Netflix queue for a while, and begun watching it around last month. I’m seven episodes into Season 1 and I’m really enjoying it. The dark humor, Lucifer’s wit and charm, and the whole detective investigative portion of the episodes have kept my interest. I recently got my husband to watch it with me, so I’ve been re-watching the episodes with him. I hope to finish the first season soon.

The Spanish Princess

The last episode of The Spanish Princess aired almost two weeks ago and I plan to watch it this weekend. While I have enjoyed the series, I do prefer the predecessors The White Queen and The White Princess. It was recently revealed that this will be getting a “Part 2” with more episodes in 2020 so they can continue Catherine’s story. Curious to watch the new episodes next year.


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts. I’ve been doing the Summer Backlog Challenge for a few years now. From June 1st to September 30, you should be able to complete at least five video games that are in your backlog. Every year I aim to complete at least 10 titles because I have a bunch of video games in my different platform libraries that I haven’t played it.

So far, I have completed three titles this summer:

Donut County

This is a short puzzle game where you control a hole in the ground that can swallow everything in its path. It’s a very cute game that doesn’t take itself seriously. It was a fun way to spend two hours.

FAR: Lone Sails

I had started playing this game last year, but got distracted by other things and didn’t get around to finishing it until last month. It’s a vehicle adventure game. You travel in a unique looking vehicle where you have to journey across a dried out ocean looking for a way to leave that area. You’ll encounter dangerous weather conditions and will have to use things you find along the way so you can keep progressing. I really liked this game, it offered a different perspective to the puzzle/adventure genre and especially enjoyed that you could finish it in a fairly short amount of time.

SteamWorld Dig 2

Playing SteamWorld Dig 2 has been one of funnest experiences I’ve had this year. One of my favorite gaming genres are platformers and this one didn’t disappoint. It offered really cool mechanics and upgrades like the jetpack and grapple that had me grinding in-game so I could keep upgrading my equipment and abilities. The game looks absolutely beautiful on PC (and Nintendo Switch too which I tried its version as well).

Question Time:

What were some of your favorite things last month? It can be anything from TV Shows, Movies, Books, Games, Apps, anything really.

  1. Can’t say that Lucifer has grabbed me. However, Donut County looks like it’s in my wheelhouse! I must try it.

    Hmm. My favourite things from the last month… Hard to say! I’ve re-discovered my interest in anime, and discovered a new favourite snack (bean crisps!)

  2. Girl I am LOVING your list. Btw thanks for updating my link you are the bomb! I swear I want to get back into gaming! However I am ALWAYS and forever will be a fan of anime! Keep the list coming! This game looks so interesting, i am suprised i haven’t heard of it before!

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