Neo-Brutalism bringing fun back to design

For the past few months, I’ve been seeing an increase of Neo-Brutalism design and UI implementation in various digital outlets. In web design, Neo-Brutalism brings a distinctive visual language with bold colors and a minimalist aesthetic.

Even though this style may not appease everybody, I find this approach to be a breath of fresh air, bringing fun back to web design by integrating bold colors into websites. I wanted my blog to reflect my own take of Neo-Brutalism so I went ahead and changed up my blog theme structure and colors to match the vision I had contemplated.

To see examples of how to apply this type of style, you can check out the Codepen Neo-Brutalism Style challenge.

There could be some elements that may need more tweaking or responsive fixes. I’ve fixed all the ones I’ve noticed so far but will do another click-through and additional tests and will fix whatever I find.

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