New design for 2019!

With all the changes I’ve been doing this year for every aspect of my life, I decided that updating/revamping my blog was one thing I wanted to do. I love writing and sharing my thoughts about my favorite topics on here, so it needed some tender care and love.

When working on the new design and development in general, I took advantage of the time and simplified the way I was managing the site. I had too many categories for posts (more than 20), so I’ve condensed them to five: Gaming, Development, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Technology. If I want to be more specific, I’ll be using tags to classify the posts.

Nicole Jeanette New Theme 2019

One of the main goals with the theme was to provide an easy way to access the topics I write about from the home page. With the category boxes, you’ll be able to quickly access each topic.

I’m still working on optimizing everything so the performance and page speed is as optimal as possible. If you see anything out of place or experience any issues while navigating, do not hesitate to let me know.

I hope you enjoy the new design. I’m excited to come back to writing on my little corner of the internet and share my thoughts with you. For those who have stuck around, thank you!

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