Office/Game Room Revamp

Juan and I spend most of our time at home in our office/game room. That’s our favorite place and we’ve been slowly making it more comfortable and getting more things to make it more ‘us’. One thing we’ve been meaning to do for more than a year was paint the walls and do a cool design. I worked on a design mockup with Photoshop that consisted of using three colors. It was perfect and what we had idealized, so we took a trip to Home Depot and got everything we needed to make it happen.

The first phase consisted of fixing the imperfections on the wall using wall putty and using painter’s tape to map out our design. We made sure the design was leveled and measured correctly, which took a while. After that, we applied the primer and waited for the real fun to begin.

A tip when you’re going to spend the day painting: Have a fun and lively playlist that runs for a long while. We have a 90s music playlist that runs for a few hours and that really helped keep the mood positive and fun.

At this point, we were really happy with how it was turning out. But the hardest part was yet to come: correct all imperfections when removing the painter’s tape. That required a lot of precision and worst of all, my hand couldn’t stop trembling that day, so it was a long and painful process.

The finished product

I am in love with how it turned out. It makes me feel happy whenever I see the space. Next thing to do is decorate a little bit. We got two corner shelves that we’re hoping to install as soon as possible. I had the idea of doing a picture wall on top of my monitors (left side in the above photo), but I’m not sure anymore. I love the wall design, and I don’t want it to become too crowded with things on top of it.

The photo above is the other side of the room, where we have our modded Arcade1Up cabinet, our TV and some of our gaming systems. To the left of that area (not pictured) is where we have several shelves with our video game collection, which keeps growing. That area in particular is an open closet space which we haven’t painted yet. We’re probably painting it the grey color. Will share pictures once we do.

Question Time:

Have you done anything custom or special decorations for your favorite room in your home?

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