This morning I noticed that my site was going down constantly and pretty much every page on the site had a 404 error. Then it went down completely and I wasn’t able to access the admin panel at all. I was getting a memory limit error, so I emailed my host. It took a few hours for them to fix the issues but hopefully it’s working better now. What I’ve noticed is some issues with page loading and website speed in general. I’ve spent most of the day trying to optimize the site as much as I can so it runs smoothly. It may be my internet connection as well, since I’ve noticed it has been really slow today.

Does the site load normally for you, or does it take a considerable time? If you could let me know, I would really appreciate it!

  1. It’s taking a while to load for me, but it wasn’t doing this when I viewed it earlier. :x (Like, when my last comment was made.)

    Down For Everyone Or Just Me is even saying it’s down. I do hope that you can get it resolved! When uploading media files, WordPress automatically creates thumbnails of every picture… If you change the thumbnail sizes and other sizes on the media settings page to “0”, then it should stop it from doing that. That could possibly help quite a bit, as I made 6birds go down a whole gigabyte when I found that it was doing that, deleted them, and changed it to 0.

    Good luck!

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