Old San Juan: Cristina & Antonio Old San Juan: Cristina & Antonio

Photo Fun

Two weekends ago I went to Old San Juan with my boyfriend, my little sister and her friend. I took my camera so I could take pictures since Old San Juan is such a beautiful place and a perfect settings to take photographs. We took the ferry, had breakfast and then started walking around, looking for empty spaces where we could take pictures. It was a little hard to do that because there was a cruise ship that arrived that morning so San Juan was filled with tourists, and most of them were taking pictures as well.

We found a few lovely spots and I used my boyfriend, sister and her friend as models. I’m still learning about exposure, aperture and all those settings so it was good practice. I used my 50mm 1.4 lens for most of my shots and I love it. Here’s a little preview of some of the shots:

Old San Juan: Cristina & Antonio

I took a few more shots which you can check out by visiting my Flickr. I’m still not sure if I should open a separate photography blog or keep posting pictures I take here. I know most people end up creating a separate one, especially if they have the interest of making a photography business. But since I’m still practicing, should I do it right now anyway? Any recommendations?

  1. Hermosas fotos Nicole. La ventaja de ponerlas en una pagina de fotos es que pueden ser vistas por personas profesionales que pueden ayudarte a perfeccionar aun más.
    Felicidades por tu hermoso trabajo.

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