Tierra de Nadie - EWO Tierra de Nadie - EWO

Photographing a Wrestling Show

Last Saturday, I was the official photographer for a local wrestling company’s (EWO) big event. These events are filmed and are aired on a local channel during the weekend. Juan is one of the camera guys who films the show and I decided to help out and take some pictures to be used on social media and things like that. It was definitely a very different experience from everything I’ve done before. I’ve watched televised wrestling shows (WWE, local) but had never seen one in person.

Tierra de Nadie - EWO

Being that close to wrestlers, you can definitely feel their adrenaline. At first, I was afraid of getting close to the ring since I didn’t want to suddenly appear on any of the film footage. After a while, I got closer and closer to get better shots. That’s when the pictures started turning out really great and the shyness of getting close went away completely.

There came a moment where I would be just next to the ring and I could capture really great moments from each match. The energy felt great and I realized that photographing this event was more fun than I expected. Yes, it’s exhausting, but very rewarding work. Especially when you’re able to get worthy shots.

Tierra de Nadie - EWO - Syko

This was my first time photographing an event. It was harder knowing that it was at night and with a lot of movement. Some may say I was crazy doing this as a first time thing, considering the circumstances. I’m happy it turned out as well as it did, and was able to enjoy the event as well. The event ended at about 12:15am and I was absolutely exhausted. I would definitely do it again, and I hope they like the pictures I sent them and let me come back for another event.

Tierra de Nadie - EWO

I really admire wrestlers a lot more after seeing how everything works. The physical activity these guys (and gals) have to do is insane. It was great looking over at the crowd and seeing a bunch of kids so excited about the matches. It’s no easy feat, I applaud everyone who is a wrestler.

  1. You got some very good photos there. I think it’s very difficult to take photos in that sort of light, and rarely succeed with it because to get any decent photos it requires having the tripod because of the slow shutter speed. I rarely carry the tripod with me, I’m just too lazy. But I guess I should start doing that.
    How did you shoot those pictures?

    1. Thank you Susanne! All the pictures were taken hand-held using manual settings (can’t remember the exact info). I was running around the whole place. Was definitely afraid of the quality especially since the lighting wasn’t ideal, but I’m pretty happy with those results.

  2. Wow, those are some amazing shots you got. Have they asked you to do it again? With photos like that I don’t know why they wouldn’t.

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