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Recently, Pinterest added a new feature: Interactive Boards. These are meant to be used for travel related boards. If you enable this feature, you will see a world map where you can tag places from your pins using the Foursquare API. I spent some time doing this on Wednesday and it was very fun. You can add a place on the map by mentioning the specific place (For example: Colosseum in Rome) or you can search by city.

The picture above is a screenshot of my travel board. There are some pins that I still need to add on the map, while there are some that are related to travel but don’t talk about a place/city in particular. I will be adding more pins soon so I can keep testing the “pins” on the map. When you click on one, it shows you a tooltip with useful information about the place, like telephone numbers and address.

This is definitely a nice feature and I’m sure a lot of people will take advantage of it, especially when you can see those places presented on a World Map. Travel websites or magazines must be ecstatic about this new feature.

I’m planning on making a new board of places I’ve visited and add my own pictures. It will be nice to see how more “pins” get added to the map as I travel more.

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