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Planet Fitness

I recently became a member of a Planet Fitness gym that opened last week. This one is the closest to my house so I was happy that I didn’t have to drive 40+ minutes to get to one. My boyfriend also joined as well so that really boosts my motivation because I’m really glad we’ll get to go together most of the times. One thing I really like about Planet Fitness is that their gym is a judgement free zone, anyone who shows off or disrespects another person will be kicked out. Also, compared to other branch gyms, this one is not expensive.

Planet Fitness

I got the Black Card Membership which is $20 monthly and includes:

  • Visit any other Planet Fitness gym (other than your main one) for free.
  • You can take someone with you each time for free.
  • Unlimited use of hydrotherapy beds
  • Unlimited use of tanning beds (I’m not interested in this but I know some people that would love this perk)
  • Unlimited use of massage chairs
  • Drinks at 50% off

I’ve gone two times since it opened and I really like the atmosphere and how friendly people have been. I haven’t been going every day, but I’ve been doing exercise at home when I can’t go. I will try to go at least 3-4 times a week once I organize my schedule better. I’m really excited for this because I know I will be able to reach my goal, lose weight and build strength. Exercising is becoming one of my addictions now and I’m glad I feel motivated.

Do you have a gym membership? Do you workout regularly?

  1. I had no idea they were a judgment free zone, that’s awesome! Also had no idea they were so affordable-$20/month seems like a steal! All I have around here is a YMCA which is ridiculously expensive. Good luck with your fitness goals!

    1. Thank you! It’s a great way to get distracted, plus you get to work on your strength and lose weight (at least in my case), so that makes it even better!

  2. I wish we had one of these close to me, because $20 just for the tanning alone would work for me! :) I can’t tan right now because of my st johns wort but still.. pretty good deal right there! I really want to be more active but we don’t have a lot of options around here!

    1. Yeah, tanning is not my thing but I know people love it so I think it’s a good deal :) I know they’re opening a bunch of PF in a few states so you should check out their website and see if they have plans of opening one near your house.

  3. Yay! I wish had your determination, I can’t stick to a gym or any exercise regimen to save my life. I get bored sooooooo easily it’s not even funny. I love that they’re judgement free, more gyms should be like that (and places in general!) Hope you keep at it :). Xoxo.

    1. Thanks dear! I used to be like that, I would do it for a month and then quit but I have done pretty well so far, so I’m hoping this is a permanent change. Plus, it’s helping me in so many ways (especially for my mental health). Take care hun! xoxo

  4. Planet Fitness sounds like a good deal. Too bad that there is none in my area. I would love to join. I haven’t been to a gym since I was 15 (I am 31). Every gym close to me is around $60+ a month, which I really cant afford.

  5. I’ve thought about joining a gym a million times…especially because there is a Planet Fitness quite close to here (I just wish they had pools). I just can’t justify it right now even though it would probably help me out. I’ve got no money as it is and by the time I get out of work every day (or night) I’m so exhausted that I can barely move so I know I wouldn’t then head to the gym. I’d only be going (maybe) on my days off and that’d only be 2 days a week. Hopefully soon my situation will be changing and I’ll be able to seriously consider it.

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