Pop Danthology 2013

Pop Danthology 2013

For the past few years, Daniel Kim has been making mashups of popular songs each year. The first time I listened to his work was the 2011 version. The Pop Danthology 2013 is great, and his process while making it is really interesting. I can’t even imagine how much time this must take. He definitely does a great job of showcasing popular songs in a very creative way, especially when the mashups have a structure and every transition is related to the next song that comes in.

Photo Credit: Daniel Kim

3 thoughts on “Pop Danthology 2013”

  1. I have heard of this already. But honesly, I liked the past years mash up more. In this mash up I was really anticipating We Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball (I AM A MILEY FAN) but it came in the latter part of the audio.

  2. I am not really into pop music like the ones featured in this video, but I enjoy watching videos like this. I tend to like mashups and this is a really good one! I love dancing to music, I guess I am just more into stuff from the 70s and disco era.

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