Practicing with Procreate

Last year, I decided to gift myself an iPad Pro. With so many stressful months of non-stop work, I wanted to have something I could take with me anywhere I wanted. So I could draw, read, watch movies/shows, take notes, and even use as a planner.

After some research, I opted for the iPad Pro for some extra features and functionalities I was looking for, but the newest iPad Air seems to be a great option (and more affordable) for those looking to get an iPad.

One of the apps I was looking forward to trying with the iPad was Procreate. I don’t consider myself to be great at drawing but I do love to draw, and have been looking into practicing more so I can improve my skills. Procreate (especially with the Apple Pencil), has been a great way of starting to doodle and practice more consistently.

The app offers a wide range of features that make the it pretty simple to use, with a good selection of tutorials and tools that can help you understand Procreate better if you’re feeling stuck.

First drawing I made on Procreate, following a tutorial by Art with Flo
My latest drawing. I definitely prefer the simplistic style.

I’ve mostly been practicing with simple things, opting to go with food related items. In this case: donuts. I’m slowly experimenting with shadow and shading techniques, trying to find the style I like the most.

I’m having a lot of fun drawing new things and hope to keep creating things this year. It is a great distraction, especially during the stressful times.

Question Time:

Do you create art? What software or tools do you use?

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