Programming Frenzy

This weekend has been one dedicated to programming. I have two websites I’ve been working on: one for a mental health foundation and the other for a friend’s small business. I’ve also been working on a web application for my Project Management final project, it’s a group project so I was assigned as one of the programmers. I had never used ASP so it’s been pretty fun figuring everything out. Last, but not least, I need to develop a Java program using sockets. To say that I have quite a bit to do is an understatement.

I know I haven’t done things by the side as much, developing apps for fun and things like that. That will definitely change though because I plan on releasing an Android application by the end of the year and a few PHP scripts, just to practice. I really love this developing world, there’s always a new technique coming out, there’s always someone that’s willing to help you or guide you if you’re stuck. I have my moments when I can’t figure out how to do something, I just take a little break or do a little research and eventually I find a way.

I want to open up a programming section on my blog, maybe offer snippets and tutorials. Would anybody be interested? What kind of tutorials would you like to see? Any programming languages in particular (Java, Visual Basic, PHP, etc.)?

  1. Hey Nicole. Yep, I think a PHP section would be good. I’d love to see some tutorials on PHP programming on your blog! But yeah – I should tell you I’m an absolute newbie at it. lol.

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