Some of my Flickr Favorites

I wanted to share some of my favorite photographs that I have found in Flickr. They have so many beautiful pictures there, sometimes, it’s hard to choose pictures that stand out enough for me to mark them as favorites. I will post five of them, maybe I should do this a bi-weekly or monthly thing. Sharing my favorite photographs, I think I’ll do that. Pictures after the cut.

Sand of Time by Leandro Dell'Orso

Grand Central Station by Ivonne Deliz

Toronto Zombie Walk by chewie2008~

Wonderland by Mr. JÂ
My Love in Sky by Mari Rasti

What are some of your favorite photographs from Flickr/any other photo sharing service? Share them with me!

  1. Something about the wonderland is just epic. The first one is incredible too. I hope you keep doing these, babe! There are a lot of wonderful photos on flickr that I haven’t seen… it’s your job to showcase them! :p

  2. Ahh all of those photos are absolutely gorgeous. I don’t even have a Flickr account because I do not believe that my photography is even worthy of being on that website even though there are a plethora of crappy pictures on there, there are also so many incredible ones as well.

    Thanks so much for sharing these. I love seeing other people’s work, it’s art & just beautiful. I love wonderland…oh the colors are just sooo vibrant.

  3. Wow! The first and fourth ones are my favorite of the five. I mean they’re all great, but something about the ones I stated are just beautiful. The sky definitely caught my attention in the fourth one, just amazing! Something about the tones in the first one are very interesting and intriguing.

  4. I love Flickr. I can spend hours upon hours going through random photos. I find so much inspiration in just looking at all these awesome photos. Some day, I hope to be able to produce amazing pictures.

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