Spinning Plates (2014) Spinning Plates (2014)

Spinning Plates

Last week, I stayed at Juan’s house and we were trying to choose what to watch on Netflix. We love food tv shows and documentaries, so we decided to watch Spinning Plates.

Spinning Plates (2014)

Spinning Plates is a documentary about three restaurants, all catered to different types of food, its main focus is on the people behind those restaurants and sharing their wonderful stories.

  • A world-renowned chef competes for the ultimate restaurant prize in Chicago, Illinois, the rating of three stars from the Michelin Guide (the highest rating). His restaurant, Alinea, is one of only two restaurants in Chicago to receive this high rating. All of this happens while he is battling a life-threatening condition.
  • A 150 year old restaurant in Balltown, Iowa is still standing because of the wonderful bond with the community. The owners had to overcome two tragedies that jeopardized the future of the restaurant. It was the community’s loyalty and cooperation that helped the restaurant get back on its feet. Breitbach’s Country Dining owes everything to their customers.
  • A family in Tucson, Arizona risks everything to provide for their young daughter. They love the sentiment that food brings to their family, so they decided to embark on the journey of opening their own Mexican restaurant. They have to deal with the challenge of maintaining a successful business, owning a home and raising their child. Help out La Cocina de Gabby and the Martinez family by visiting their website.

These stories were absolutely wonderful and unforgettable. It really shows how far you can get as a restaurant owner if you have passion. How legacy and a strong sense of community can keep you standing. How important family and love is. All the people from the stories in this documentary had to overcome many obstacles, and it was an amazing experience to be able to watch the whole process.

Food is incredibly powerful, and it’s a tool that connects us to one another in the most unusual way. If you love food and want to watch great stories, I definitely recommend you watch Spinning Plates.

  1. The documentary was spectacular. I knew we’d enjoy it, but the fact that we actually got emotional towards the end was something else. If you’re a foodie, PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s got a little bit of everything and it’s one of the best documentaries I’ve watched in quite some time.

  2. Without having watched the documentary, just reading what you wrote about it makes me want to watch it. Maybe it’s because I’m such a food person, hah, but I’m loving what the message conveys. There’s so much emotion that goes into food that people don’t realize! I’m hoping when I do get around to watching the documentary that I’ll feel the same way you do about it :) Thanks for the recommendation!

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