Steam Deals = Awesomeness

Ever since I built my new computer, I’ve been trying to add more games to my PC collection. I can actually play decent games now so I’ve been trying to find some good deals.

I have to say, nothing beats Steam. I’ve been a Steam member since mid-2009 but I didn’t buy games back then because the video card I had couldn’t run most games. Now, I’ve been buying some games and taking advantage of the great deals Steam offers every now and then. Especially now that we’re nearing the Holidays.

Like today, I bought 5 games for only $15! I got The Orange Box [Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Episode One and Two, Team Fortress 2, Portal (I already had this one though)] for $7.50 (Regular Price: $29.99) and Just Cause 2 for $7.50 (Regular Price: $29.99). I got the Just Cause 2 game through a Group Buy over at, which is awesome. One person buys the Game Pack which includes 6, 8, 10 or 12 copies of a game, the price is divided by the total of copies and people get it cheaper! I’ve gotten a couple of games this way, I’ve definitely saved up a lot.

For those of you that want more PC games, I recommend Steam. Look out for their awesome deals!

Feel free to add me on Steam, my id is nicolej.

Do you have Steam? Tell me your id so I can add you!

2 thoughts on “Steam Deals = Awesomeness”

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  2. Steam’s the best thing to happen to gaming since me. #YKI Now you’re starting to have a very nice game collection, and The Orange Box makes it that much more epic!

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