Stress is settling in

It’s that time of the semester when the stress starts kicking in. When everything happens at once. I don’t take classes on Monday, but I had to go for a group meeting with my professor for our Project Management final project. We need to develop a system, and we’re making something that the university can use, and hopefully that will be a contribution for the university from our part.

I have a Project Management test tomorrow, a Pre-Calculus II test on Wednesday and a Data Communications test on Thursday. As you can see, I have a lot on my plate and I hate when I have to study for a bunch of things at once, my brain wants to explode. With all this school stuff going on, I’ve had to put a pause on a few website projects, hopefully I can keep working on everything after Thursday. I also want to play with the recently released Google+ API. Can it be Thursday already?

A new theme should be up in a week or two, let’s see if I can finish it by then.

2 thoughts on “Stress is settling in”

  1. Well goodluck with all your school stuff. I a also having a lot of school stuffs recently and I hate it when I get stressed because of those.

    I hope you could finish everything so you could do your theme. I wanna see it. :)

  2. You must work for your time and if possible make a a daily time management to avoid hassles and stressing yourself out of it. If you fail to do it then you might end up seeing yourself sucked with stress.

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