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Summer Skies

Summer Skies Theme

I had been getting discouraged from posting here because I was growing tired of the site theme. I needed a change, so I had started working on a new theme a few months ago, stopped working on it, but resumed recently. It’s finally done and live. If you’re reading this post from your RSS reader, come by to the blog and check it out.

I really like it, it feels fresh and the colors remind me of summer, which is why the theme is called Summer Skies. I used the Color Escape palette from Design-Seeds.

If you visit the site on your mobile device or tablet, you’ll find that the design responds to the device’s size. This is also known as Responsive Web Design, I’ve been doing RWD for a while for freelance clients, but I hadn’t implemented it to my personal blog. From know on, all my theme designs will be responsive.

This was also the first theme for my personal blog that I developed locally using Git. Using a version control system is very useful, especially when you develop on different machines, you can just pull the content to another computer and keep working. This made development easier and faster.

I still have a couple of things I need to work on: I will reduce the number of categories on this blog and try to have as little as possible. If you see any errors around the site, please let me know.

  1. It looks nice! Very fresh looking.
    I’ve always been against RSS readers. We spend a lot of time to design our sites and people using RSS readers don’t even see them. That’s why I always, when I have the option, shorten the content in the RSS so that people have to go to the blog to read it all.

  2. Awesome job on the new design! I like the colors and the bar at the top. You should keep using this type of design for any future changes.

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