Wordpress: Setting Up Featured Images

WordPress: Setting up featured images

You’ll find that most blogs that use WordPress as their blogging platform use featured images on their posts. Featured images are what you usually see when you share a post on social media (the thumbnails that appear when sharing on Facebook or Google+), related posts widgets and in the post itself. It’s really simple to …

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Wordpress: Visual Editor Stylesheet Modification

WordPress: Visual Editor Stylesheet Modification

Have you ever wondered how to style the WordPress Visual Editor (when writing posts) using your current theme’s functions file? Well, lucky for you there is a way to do that! You can edit quite a lot with this function: typefaces, font size, image styling, and so much more. All it takes is to create …

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Wordpress: Custom Signature on Posts

WordPress: Custom Signature on Posts

Do you ever read blogs that have a custom image or signature on the bottom of the posts? Well, if you have a WordPress blog and want to add your own custom signature on your posts, it’s really easy to do! Edit your theme’s functions.php file You can replace the <img> tag with any content …

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PHP: Random Background Image

PHP: Random Background Image

  I’m working on a website for a local wrestling company and one thing that was requested is having alternating backgrounds featuring different wrestlers. There are many tutorials that show you how to do this (there are different ways to do this too) but I’m going to share what I use to get this done. …

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Javascript: Random Image Generator

Javascript: Random Image Generator

I wrote a tutorial on generating random links with javascript some months ago. Recently, a person requested to show how to show this method but with images. This is why I’m writing this tutorial about how to create a random image generator. The first thing you need to do is create an array with the …

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PHP: Automatic Copyright Year Snippet

PHP: Automatic Copyright Year

In website footers, we usually use some kind of copyright notice. Something like: “© 2013”. In some cases, it may be tedious or we may forget to update this information, especially when updating website designs. The following snippets will help you have a more automatic function of displaying the year. Add the snippets to …

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Wordpress: Display Author Info Snippet

WordPress: Display Author Info

This code is very useful if you have a WordPress website with multiple authors. The code will display a section with your gravatar, name and a little bio (the one you fill out in your user profile). This way, when people read an article written by you, they can see your info. If you want …

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