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Puerto Rico BloggerCon 2018

This digital era is all about learning. Keeping up to date with the latest trends, techniques and tools is very important. Digital content creation has become so broad nowadays. Topics like blogging, video blogging, podcasts, marketing and even development are part of the spectrum. If you’re a content creator, and passionate about it, you will …

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Statigram: Instagram Viewer Alternative Instagram Viewer Alternative

Instagram is one of the services I use every day. I don’t post pictures every day, but I do browse it several times a day. Even though I like the Instagram website, I don’t really like to use it to browse and see the pictures from the people I’m following. About a year ago or so, … Instagram Viewer Alternative Read More »

Pinterest Travel Interactive Board

Pinterest Traveling

Recently, Pinterest added a new feature: Interactive Boards. These are meant to be used for travel related boards. If you enable this feature, you will see a world map where you can tag places from your pins using the Foursquare API. I spent some time doing this on Wednesday and it was very fun. You …

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Puerto Rico BloggerCon: Stage

2013 Puerto Rico BloggerCon

  This past Saturday, I attended the 2013 Puerto Rico BloggerCon. This is its fifth year, and it was my first time attending. I wanted to go last year but I wasn’t able to because I had another activity the day it was scheduled. I was really looking forward to it because it’s good to …

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Teespring: Design Shirt Feature

Teespring: Social Crowdfunding

These days, social media is the best way to get involved and have a sense of community. With this advantage, no wonder people are using it as a way to fund projects and achieve promotion on services, websites or organizations. Teespring is one website that makes this happen. If you have a group, event, cause, …

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Twitter Is Taking Over

Twitter has become really popular for the past few months, and I have to admit, I haven’t been blogging lately, but I’ve definitely been using Twitter quite a bit. It’s addictive and a great way to keep in touch in small updates, I’ve also made some great friends on Twitter, and I have met most …

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