Hello 2012

Happy new year everybody! I hope you all had a safe new year’s celebration. I was going to make a post about the cruise after I got back but I felt exhausted and needed to rest and be away from the computer for a while. The cruise was pretty fun, I didn’t enjoy it like …

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Cruise Bound

The time is finally here! I leave on the cruise tomorrow, I’m looking forward to having a nice and relaxing vacation. I will take a bunch of pictures and I will post a few of them as soon as I arrive. Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah to everybody!

Day 15: Vacation

Show us your ideal vacation spot. Why is this your ideal vacation spot? I’ve been dying to go to New York since I was very little and I definitely want to go for a vacation very soon. The prompt/question that inspires this blog post is part of the Veracity Message Board 2011 Blogathon.

Museum Love

I’ve always been interested in culture and history. The Ancient Civilizations are my favorite, I find them fascinating especially when it comes to their respective mythologies. Their art, architecture, calendars, religion, economy, everything was amazing. These civilizations left a legacy all around us: the beautiful and “perfect” pyramid structures we see in Egypt, the mausoleums …

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