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Weekend Getaway

In about two hours I’ll be leaving to stay at Isla Verde (major tourist spot in PR) with my boyfriend and his mom. I have never stayed in a hotel in Isla Verde, so I’m excited! There’s so much to do there: shopping, restaurants, exercising, a beautiful beach, etc.

Isla Verde

See how beautiful? I’ll try to take a few pictures via Instagram or Twitter because I forgot my digital camera. I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend.


Hello 2012

Happy new year everybody! I hope you all had a safe new year’s celebration. I was going to make a post about the cruise after I got back but I felt exhausted and needed to rest and be away from the computer for a while. The cruise was pretty fun, I didn’t enjoy it like I wanted to because I got sick and spent the entire trip sick. I had a throat infection and it was awful, I had a fever and was always sleepy due to the medicine.

This was a port heavy cruise, you need to be prepared for it, it’s also nice if you have plenty of money so you can book excursions and tours. We only did a tour on St. Lucia. I would have loved to do the zip-lining or catamaran excursions in some of the islands but they were around $80-100 per person so that wasn’t really in my price range.

I really liked the cruise and all the staff members were very nice. The Christmas show was wonderful, I really enjoyed it. The cruise official singers and dancers did a show, and then the kids from the Carnival Camp went on stage to showcase a dance and a song.

I uploaded a couple of pictures from the trip on Flickr, so check them out.

St. Thomas St. Lucia Carnival Victory

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