Happy to Fail

Happy to Fail: a Mental Health podcast

May is Mental Health awareness month. It’s actually perfect timing because my husband Juan has just released the first episode of Happy to Fail, a podcast about his experiences with mental health. Happy to Fail will follow Juan’s road to wellness and sharing how he’s overcome (and still overcoming) challenges related to mental health. We …

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Beginning a Keto Lifestyle

Beginning a Keto Lifestyle

As 2019 began, my husband and I were striving for some change, and something that would make us feel better overall. We had researched changing our eating habits and adopting a new lifestyle that would benefit us physically and emotionally. That’s when we found information about the Ketogenic diet. A Ketogenic (or Keto as most …

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Fiancé's DDP Yoga Review

My fiancé’s DDP Yoga Review

You might remember back in 2012 when I wrote about the DDP Yoga exercise program. I had mentioned that my boyfriend and I had just ordered the DDP Yoga combo pack and were very excited to try it. Fast forward almost two years, this program has been a salvation for both of us. It has …

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What recovery means for me

A long time ago, the word “recovery” meant getting better physically. This was until I noticed some things about myself weren’t the “norm”. I realized that I had mental illness since I was a little girl. I couldn’t express what was happening during that time. Honestly, I didn’t know how to express it and there …

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For the past few months, my life has taken a crazy turn and it has been a joy to experience it. As I mentioned on a previous post, I’ve been going through a hard time and my mental health was in a down-spiral. Therapy has really helped in finding better ways to deal with my …

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Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness

I recently became a member of a Planet Fitness gym that opened last week. This one is the closest to my house so I was happy that I didn’t have to drive 40+ minutes to get to one. My boyfriend also joined as well so that really boosts my motivation because I’m really glad we’ll …

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The body achieves what the mind believes

The body is powerful

I’ve been eating better and working out regularly for the past few months and you can definitely notice how powerful your body is. You can notice an impressive change (even if others can’t) just by being consistent and stopping eating bad stuff. Via This quote is so true, I found this image months ago while …

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Those Who Win Battles

Silently Winning Battles

Via Pinterest This quote describes my current situation perfectly. Since August of last year, I’ve fallen back into a depression. I’ve dealt with depression for most of my life, but these past few episodes have been really bad. That, with my anxiety issues, have created a ‘black hole’ as I like to call it, that’s …

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