Foodie Faves: TBC Food & Drink - Aguadilla, PR

Foodie Faves: TBC in Aguadilla, PR

Foodie Faves: TBC Food and Drink - Aguadilla, PR

Three weeks ago my husband and I stayed in Aguadilla, PR as a weekend getaway. About a week before heading off to Aguadilla I did some research about places we could go to. We stayed near the Ramey base in Aguadilla and about one minute away from road 110, and by doing a search online I found information about TBC Food & Drink.

TBC Food & Drink was opened by a couple from Washington D.C, Courtney and Christine Parks, who relocated to Aguadilla in 2012. They offer breakfast, lunch, brunch and cocktails. Their locale is unusual, they turned a small school into a restaurant. The way they decorated it was marvelous and unique. It’s the kind of place where you feel comfortable as soon as you go in, it also helps that the staff greets you in such a friendly way as well.

TBC Food and Drink - Aguadilla, PR

The Food

The first time we went there my husband ordered a daily special which was a breakfast wrap with pork, sweet potatoes and veggies (you can see the picture on the gallery below). My husband loved it because he usually finds pork to be salty when we go to restaurants but this one was just right. On the other hand, I ordered the ‘Dawn Patrol’, I ordered my plate with two eggs over medium, house made sausage patties, toast and 1/2 a waffle. It was delicious, the house made sausage patties were to die for and I liked that they were spicy.

They also have a wide selection of natural juices to order from, the orange juice was amazing!

We went there two times during our stay in Aguadilla. The second time is a funny story, we looked up TBC on Instagram since that was how I found the restaurant in the first place, my husband followed them using his account and a few hours later he received a message that he was the 1,000th Instagram follower, because of that they would treat us to a brunch for two! We were unbelievably excited and that ended up being our second trip to TBC. The brunch was absolutely delicious, and we were delightful that Christine, the owner, remembered us.

For the brunch my husband ordered the French toast of the day, with a homemade strawberry marmalade on top. I ordered the ‘Omelet 3’, it included: applewood smoked bacon, roasted potato and sharp cheddar cheese. We even ordered a blueberry cheesecake for dessert. Everything was incredible.

TBC Food & Drink - Aguadilla, PR

Without a doubt, TBC is a place I would recommend to anyone visiting the east side of Puerto Rico. It’s absolutely delightful and a great atmosphere. My husband and I live about two hours away and we will definitely visit once or twice every few months. It is worth it.

Here’s a gallery of some pictures we took while we were at TBC:

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