The Evolution of Programming

I found this amazing infographic and it’s too awesome not to share. The evolution of programming has been incredible and I can’t wait to see what new languages will pop up soon. The languages I know from the list are: Cobol, Basic (as Visual Basic), C++, SQL, Java, Javascript and .NET. There are a few from the list that I want to learn, like: Python and Ruby on Rails. Let’s see if I can learn a little bit from each language within the next few months.

The Evolution of Programming [Infographic]

Do you know any programming language? Which one(s)?

6 thoughts on “The Evolution of Programming”

  1. I am a bit familiar with this because I studied Computer engineering but I already forgot some of it…Thanks for reminding me about it…

  2. Programming is really such a wonder. And it doesn’t stop on innovating always.. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. It’s really such an amazing idea how programming evolves through the years. This only shows that there are so many computer geniuses out there. :)

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