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Thanks to Netflix, for providing me entertainment by offering a lot of old tv series and movies that I used to watch years ago. I’ve been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer again. I used to watch that show all the time back when it was playing, and it’s been fun catching up again. There are a few movies that I loved back in the day that I’ve watched here too, like “Halloween: H20” and “Scream 3”. These instant streaming services are very addicting, I just wish that Netflix offered more recent content.

I have 54 items on my Netflix Instant Queue, I want to watch them all before the year ends. Will I complete that challenge? We’ll see!

Do you use Netflix? What are some of the movies/tv shows on your queue?

2 thoughts on “Things I used to watch”

  1. <3 Netflix! I agree, I wish they had more movies for online streaming –especially documentaries, old classics & Disney movies. Halloween H20 & Scream 3 are both too bloody for me (LOL) so I have to stick to the old movies when I watch anything from the horror genre.

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