Organic Market: Lemon Juice & Plantain Chips

Visit to an Organic Market

This morning, Juan and I went to an organic market. We heard about it through his brother. This market is open the first and third Sunday every month, and it’s not that far from where we live (about a 20 minute car ride).

Organic Market

When we arrived, we immediately felt the good vibes from the entire place. The people were extremely nice and it was such a nice environment to be in. The vendors were extremely helpful and willing to answer any questions. There was a little bit of everything: bread, natural juices, cakes, spices, honey, and a lot more. Everything that was sold there was made or grown here in Puerto Rico, so that was really nice.

Organic Market: Honey

The picture above shows you a kiosk that was selling honey and honey butter. Juan got the small bottle of honey and after tasting the honey butter, I bought it for him. They also had honey candles, and some of them were even shaped like a bee hive, it was really cute. When talking to the vendor, we told her this was our first time visiting the market and suggested we talk to a lady who can give us more information about what they do and about the workshops they offer.

Organic Market: Volunteering

We went to talk to the lady and she gave us extremely useful information about the workshops. We signed up on a list to receive a notice each time they do a workshop and we also signed up as volunteers if they ever need our help. We would love to be able to help out setting up and give out information.

We’re planning on going each Sunday they’re open if we can. We had such a great experience there and we got so many goodies that are absolutely delicious. In addition to the honey, I got an oregano and garlic bread, plantain chips and lemon juice. I really can’t wait to go back.

Organic Market: Lemon Juice & Plantain Chips

6 thoughts on “Visit to an Organic Market”

  1. Love this post! Did you go to the one in Ocean Park? José and I went to the one in Old San Juan last weekend and I’m sad to say we were very disappointed. I was looking forward to buying local products to cook with but all we found was already-made meals and bread. Sellers were kind of rude and un-interested as well. Hope it was just that day. Where did you park by if I may know? Hope I can make it the first Sunday of February.

    1. We went to the one at La Placita Roosevelt in Hato Rey. If you go early you can find parking :) They had enough variety at the one we went to, but we left early since we had some other things to do but they told us that there are usually more vendors.

      I hadn’t heard about the ones in Ocean Park or Old San Juan, will have to check them out. It sucks that that the sellers over at Old San Juan were rude, that’s instantly a turn-off for me.

      Maybe we can plan to go to one in February together? Let me know!

      1. Oh I had forgotten about that one. I mentioned Ocean Park because José told me that he saw it on one of his bike ride’s a while back. Good to know, do they have a fan page?

        I hope it was just my bad luck at OSJ. We should totally do that :-) let’s plan it.

  2. I love organic markets! I think they’re awesome and the people there are really super friendly.

    One of my goals is to have my own garden so I can hopefully profit from selling stuff at those types of markets. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!

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