We have a wedding photographer

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Especially when looking for all the people that are going to make your wedding possible. One of the things Juan and I hadn’t crossed off our list was the photographer. Finding a photographer that fit our budget and style was a challenge in itself. Thankfully, we were able to find one that met our budget and expectations.

We met with them today to have a chat and discuss what we wanted. We clicked from the start, they are so nice and we got along instantly. That made me very happy. After discussing ideas of what we wanted and listening to their experience and ideas, we knew that we had found our photographers. We signed the contract and gave our deposit. It’s a huge weight off of our shoulders, I was going crazy trying to find photographers that fit our budget. They will also be doing our engagement shoot as well, so this was definitely a ‘win win’ kind of day.

I am super excited about today, they are such a beautiful couple and just the nicest people. Juan and I are so happy to have spent the time we did talking to them, and I know that they will help make our wedding day so much more special.

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  1. I can only imaging the stress of planning a wedding. I suppose getting the right photographer is an important task as that is the person responsible for documenting your amazing day. I’m glad you’ve found someone you’re happy with. :)

  2. I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult and stressful that planning a wedding could be, and I imagine that you would want to find the perfect person/group to document such a memorable day. I am so glad that you were able to find someone that both you and Juan like and get along with. Congratulations! <3

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