Wrestling isn't wrestling Wrestling isn't wrestling

Wrestling isn’t wrestling

I’ve written about working for a local wrestling company here in Puerto Rico, EWO on the blog a few times. I’ve been helping them out for more than a year and it has definitely been a great experience and it has made me appreciate the ‘world’ of wrestling even more.

Wrestling isn't wrestling

But… it’s fake!

That’s something people tell me all the time when I mention that I help out a wrestling company doing production work. And while yes, the whole ‘spectacle’ of it may be fake, wrestling is so much more than that.

Wrestlers are always at risk of major injuries while they are inside the ring, and yet they still want to entertain people, because they love what they do. Recently, a mexican wrestler died from trauma injuries while inside the ring, so a major injury (and even death) is a risk for wrestlers.

Behind the ring, there are several layers that make the entire show: the storylines.

Just like any movie, TV show or even a book, there are storylines in wrestling that wrestlers (as characters) need to bring to life. This is entertainment, this is something they give to the fans and the people that attend each show.

So, when they tell us that it’s fake, the perfect comeback is that their favorite movie, show or book is fake too. It’s all fiction, the characters, the story, everything. Why is wrestling any different? Why do people have to undermine its entertainment factor just because it’s fake?

It’s something to think about.

Like the title of the post says, wrestling isn’t wrestling. Wrestling is passion, wrestling is looking forward to seeing your favorite characters continue their storyline, wrestling is watching a good match, wrestling is athleticism, wrestling is so much more. Wrestling is entertainment, and it goes beyond any criticism people may have over it discrediting the whole thing just because it’s fiction.

About two weeks ago my husband and I came across a video called “Wrestling isn’t wrestling” by screenwriter Max Landis. This video is what inspired this post. You need to watch it, it will probably change your view on wrestling.

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Do you like/follow wrestling? Who’s your favorite wrestler? Why?

  1. Interestingly enough, I’ve been researching trauma in professional athletes in grad school right now and I have to agree with what you say about the dangers. There are so many bio-psycho-social factors involved not only in wrestling, but other sports as well that it’s astounding. Wrestling however is the primary example that we give in regards to immediate risk for trauma.

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