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Until Dawn Stream

Until Dawn stream tonight!

My husband and I have been planning this stream for a while, and it’s finally here! Tonight Juan and I will be streaming Until Dawn (PS4 exclusive game) over at the Press Pause twitch channel. For those that don’t know, Press Pause is the gaming website and channel (on Youtube) that I opened about a month …

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Guild Wars 2

Battle in Tyria

Lately, when I have some free time to spend it on the computer, I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2. I bought the game when it came out but only played it once or twice. I had only leveled my character up to level 25 at most. I worked on getting to level 80 (which I did) …

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GTA V - Michael (Snapmatic)

Hello from Los Santos

Here’s a “selfie” from Michael (one of three playable characters) on Grand Theft Auto V. I find it completely ridiculous and amazing that I can take front facing pictures with the in-game phone (the Snapmatic app specifically). I’ll post more about the game soon. It’s really, really awesome.

Watch Dogs Gameplay Demo

Watch Dogs Gameplay Demo

Two days ago, a 14 minute gameplay demo was posted to the Watch Dogs Facebook page. I’ve been excited about this game ever since it was shown in E3 2012. I pre-ordered this game, along with the PS4. I love everything I’ve seen about the game so far. It’s open-world, you can manipulate and hack …

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Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online

On Thursday, the trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online was released. Grand Theft Auto V will be released on September 17th and GTA Online will be accessible to those who buy GTA V. You won’t be able to play it right away though. From what I read on the website, it will be available on …

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Injustice: Gods Among US

Injustice: Gods Among Us

I’ve seen a lot about this game lately and I finally played the demo this past Sunday. I fell in love with the game instantly, it uses the same engine as the latest Mortal Kombat game (released in 2011). This game will be based upon the fictional universe of DC Comics. I was impressed by …

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Karelis - Tera

Joined the world of Arborea

The whole ‘free to play’ aspect of gaming has been on the rise for the past two years. Aion and Tera have been two games that have recently gone free to play. I decided to download both. Today, I played Tera for a bit and I’m liking it so far. I’m going to try to …

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That was just desperate

I got a message on Steam yesterday, from a guy that had sent me a friend request recently but hadn’t talked to me. I found the conversation amusing and rude at the same time. Just wanted to share this conversation. Changed his name to protect his privacy. I’m Leeloo Dallas Multipass. Saturday, September 08, 2012 …

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